"Hacksaw Rap" - Will Smith's Rap from Hacksaw Ridge

from by demi adejuyigbe

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melody from "praying" by rupert gregson-williams from the score for hacksaw ridge


This is the story
Of a man from Virginia

He fought for his country
And for the lives of his fellow soldiers
Up on the Hacksaw Ridge

A man of strength
A man of faith
A man of courage

A man
named Desmond Doss

In Virginia, Desmond and his brother named Hal
Get in a row, Desmond’s like bam whapow!
He hits him with a brick and watches the blood spill
And from that day forth, he swears never to kill

As a man, he falls for a beautiful nurse
Things get better just before they get worse
The war broke out, and Doss enlisted
But if you think he’s fightin’, man you’re getting it twisted

He scales walls and falls, he stands tall, he crawls,
He’d make a damn good Spiderman y’all
They ask him to brawl but he won’t say yes
They offer him a gun but he still objects

Conscientiously, then eventually,
He gets jailed, court martialled, and suspended, see,
He’s beaten, but refuses to give up the man
And this all happens before they land, at

Haaaacksaw Riiiiidge
(Unh, unh, war is hell)
Haaaacksaw Riiiiidge
(You don't have to fight to serve your country well)

Okinawa! The troops are afraid but trying
bullets, body parts, and grenades are flying
And men are dying, then Doss arrives
The movie brings the horror of the war alive!

The Japanese come back to settle the score,
He prays “please lord, lemme just get one more”
We even watch him kick away a live grenade
Ya gotta love the guy that got this movie made!

I know it sounds crazy, but it's all the truth
You can Google it yourself if you're looking for proof
We even showed you that interview
Where the real guy says “it’s totally true"

It's made so well, they should give it an Oscar
And maybe stop callin’ Mel G a monster
(We gotta forgive him, all his wrongs are corrected!)
Yeah, Mel's good now- he even directed

Haaaacksaw Riiiiidge
(Cmon cmon, the past is the past!)
Haaaacksaw Riiiiidge
(We all get drunk and say racist things!)


from Will Smith Raps The 2017 Oscars, released February 26, 2017




demi adejuyigbe Los Angeles, California

here are some things i made and then also mashups that are too legally nebulous to host on soundcloud. please do not spend money on them

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