Morrissey's End Credits Theme from "Green Book"

by demi adejuyigbe

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I decided to rewatch GREEN BOOK this morning to see if I could figure out why it won Best Picture, and... I guess the Academy just really loved Morrissey's end credits song? I truly can't think of any other reason.


I’ve lived a normal life for 30-something years

And hated on the blacks until today

I saw two black construction workers drink from water glasses

So I threw the glasses both away

But then a Negro man paid me for a job

To drive him through the south and to protect him
And that’s when all my prejudices changed

Thanks to the–

Green Book
Perspective is the key
I simply had to meet some people more racist than me

With the Green Book

Oh, the Green Book led the way

There’s nothing wrong with being proud of who you are
For me, that’s born and bred Italiano (Mamma mia! Pizza pie!)
But don’t forget that other people have their value too
Like did you know that blacks can play piano?

The green book’s a collection of the places to avoid if you are black and you are traveling in the south
But if you were to ask me, I would stand and proudly say
The real Green Book’s the racism we cured along the way

God bless the Green Book
Racism’s easy to defeat
Just drive a black across the south and force him to eat KFC

The Green Book
You can be sure that in the end
My tolerance will spread to all my family and my friends, somehow

oh the Green Book

I’m now a better man
I used to hate the blacks, but now, consider me a fan

Thanks to the green book, oh the green book

I’m no longer racist, we can be friends
I’m no longer racist, we can be friends
I’m no longer racist, so now we are friends
I stopped being racist, and now the black man is my friend


released February 25, 2019




demi adejuyigbe Los Angeles, California

here are some things i made and then also mashups that are too legally nebulous to host on soundcloud. please do not spend money on them

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