"Whoo​!​-​light" - Will Smith's Rap from Moonlight

from by demi adejuyigbe

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music remixed from "little's theme" by nicholas britell from the score for moonlight


(Who will deny, that you and I, and every nigger is a star)

Ha ha, ha ha
Soaking up the Moonlight
Soaking up the Moonlight

Saturday night, with Jazzy and Jaden
We were gettin pretty bored, it was gettin pretty late and I said
"Let's go out and catch us a flick"
Collateral Beauty wasn't playin, so I let Jaden pick

He rolled up to the box office, talking polite
And said "Three for the 10pm showing of Moonlight"
“What’s that?” It sounded suspicious
But Jaden said it’s good, so I stayed to bear witness

We took our seats, and I watched in awe
As the movie played: “Every nigga, is a star”
I felt a tingling, right in my heart
To see a movie praising black folk right at the start

A hundred eleven minutes, 3 incredible acts
Tellin’ the tale of Chiron, Little, and Black
And Paula and Teresa, Kevin and Juan too
Who said “In moonlight, black boys look blue”

Soaking up the moonlight
(Love your fellow black folk, and love your man
Bring us all together, put us hand in hand)

Soaking up the moonlight
The blue in me

The movie ends and the lights arise
It’s no surprise- that we all got tears in our eyes
Even Jazzy Jeff started to sob:
“I never thought I’d cry over a beach handjob”

Just watchin’ a young black kid embrace a new guardian
Made me realize Miami isn’t all about partyin’
There’s kids who thought they never could, find love, in the hood
I’m not gay, but I thought it was real good

It felt like that was me, but I can’t relate,
Because I’m super duper wealthy and incredibly straight
My crew calls me black Macklemore,
Because I rap, and the gays got my full support

A beautiful story, but it’s not mine
Because I got a hot wife, but I am an ally
We thought about it for the rest of the night
Three very straight brothers, soakin’ up the moonlight

The blue in me

I love my wife!


from Will Smith Raps The 2017 Oscars, released February 26, 2017




demi adejuyigbe Los Angeles, California

here are some things i made and then also mashups that are too legally nebulous to host on soundcloud. please do not spend money on them

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