Will Smith Presents: Get Out​!​!​!

by demi adejuyigbe

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Decided to rewatch Get Out this morning, and I’m completely stunned that the rap Will Smith performed over the closing credits wasn’t somehow enough to win it Best Picture. Crazy.


So my girlfriend took me to meet her mom and dad
But deep in my stomach was this feeling I had

I mean, yeah their fancy crib was tight, but something just wasn’t right
Oh, and did I mention– they’re white? (Uh oh)

They were polite, but it still made me squirm

When her dad told me he wanted Obama for a third term
And then I had a nightmare, it was wack–

I dreamt that I was sunken and my body got jacked!

The next day, as I was walkin’ about
I took a picture of this strange-talking brother, he started yellin’–
I looked at him like “chill man, ya buggin’”
They took him to a room and he came out like it was nothin’!

It was so freaky that I wanted to leave

I said “girl we gotta dip” but she was hidin’ the keys

Then they sunk me– man, it wasn’t a dream!
I ain’t sticking around the next time somebody screams–

A mind is a terrible thing to waste!
And white folks are wanting mine replaced!
So pay attention if a brother is with ya
sayin “La La Land was robbed for Best Picture”
No it wasn’t, (GET OUT!)

Try to help ‘em, flash a light in their eyes!


Keep a phone charger on you at all times


Look alive, man, you can’t let ‘em sneak up

And stay away from white ladies’ tea cups

You gotta get out! (GET OUT

I busted outta the house, heading for town

And we don’t need no water, I burned that mother down

Last minute, somebody saved the day
It was my good friend Rod from the TSA
(I told you not to go in that house)

Back home, I tried to decompress
When I got a sudden visit from DJ Jazzy Jeff

I told him what had happened, he said “man that’s downright evil…”

“But I hope you know, Prince– that’s not ALL white people”

He made me nervous when he said “most are good”

And then “I would’ve stopped THREE white families if I could”
Well, now I’m thinking Jeff’s a white man in disguise!

So I reached for my phone and put the flash in his eyes

He said “Prince, stop wiggin, man, it’s me
None of that happen– you fell asleep watchin TV!”
Aw man, it was a dream? That’s funky

That I could dream a parable for the commodification of blackness in our country


That made me feel straight crazy, yo!
No more dozing off to HBO
Why’d I think I was dating white?

I’ve been married to Jada for almost half of my life!


I will say though, that dream was the bomb!


They’d probably give it like… four Oscar noms!


Jeff is crazy, but I think even he’d say
It’d definitely win Original Screenplay
I’m just guessin!


released March 6, 2018
special thanks to:
• michael abels for composing "Sikiliza Kwa Wahenga"
• will smith & dj jazzy jeff for performing "A Nightmare on My Street"
• jordan peele for writing & directing the people's best picture, Get Out




demi adejuyigbe Los Angeles, California

here are some things i made and then also mashups that are too legally nebulous to host on soundcloud. please do not spend money on them

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